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Transformers Legends Transforms With Evolution Cards And Campaign Episodes

Transformers Legends Transforms With Evolution Cards And Campaign Episodes

July 30, 2013
Transformers Legends has just been significantly transformed with the arrival of its first massive content update. Released last April, Transformers Legends is a card battle game based on the famous entertainment franchise featuring transforming alien robots. The game challenges you to defend a war-torn Earth as part of the Autobots or destroy the world as part of the Decepticons. Transformers Legends' first content update delivers new evolution cards and new campaign episodes. Now you can combine evolution cards to upgrade to a new card with new art, a higher max level, and higher stats. What's more, fully evolved cards are enhanced with animations and awarded with a special battle bonus. Also in the newly updated Transformers Legends, you can take advantage of limited-time battlefields in campaign episodes. In these episodes, you can earn rewards and points by defeating enemy cards and you can capture evolution cards by defeating bosses. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The latest update to Transformers Legends also includes the following improvements:
  • [Main Game] Cyberdex has been moved to Profile Page.
  • [Main Game] Added the option on the options screen to enable auto-energon use while scanning missions. If the player runs out of energon it will automatically use one of their mini-energon recharges from the player's inventory. This feature is disabled when the user has ten or fewer recharges.
  • [Main Game] Text and icons on disabled Trans-Scan and Evolve buttons are now dimmed.
  • [Main Game] Removed the incorrect display of the x3/x5/x? banner from card thumbnails during PVP & mission boss battles.
  • [Raid Boss] Fixed boss auto-dismiss so that bosses the user attacked are not automatically dismissed when they escape.
  • [Raid Boss] Changed GET HELP button to red.
  • [Raid Boss] Bosses in your list will flash and chime as they count down the last ten seconds.
  • [Raid Boss] Bosses in your list will flash when their hp changes.
  • [Raid Boss] Boss reward screen now only show the reward headings once per reward type (participation, first attack, etc.) This change will only be visible when a boss has more than one kind of reward for a given type.
  • Misc bug fixes.
The new version of Transformers Legends is available now in the App Store for free. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later. Transformers Legends is developed by Mobage in collaboration with Hasbro, which owns the "Transformers" brand. Earlier this month, Mobage released another card battle game created in partnership with Hasbro in the form of G.I. Joe: Battleground. For other news concerning card battle games on iOS, check out Gree Teases X-Men: Battle Of The Atom, Based On Marvel's Upcoming Comic Book Event and Engage In Card Battle Gaming At Warp Speed With Star Trek Rivals' New Update. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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