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Apps That Have Influenced And Shaped Our Digital Lives

Do you remember the first app you used to listen to streaming music on your iPhone? How about your very first flashlight app? You have to remember your first Instagram experience, no? Since the original iPhone launched in 2007, Apple’s iOS device owners have experienced a lot of firsts. Many of these are now recalled on a new infographic entitled, “Apps that have shaped the iOS experience.” Created by the folks at Two Toasters, the impressive display covers iPhone app "pioneers" such as Pandora Radio, Foursquare, and Shopkick. Take a look: What I come away with when looking at the graphic is how much things have changed in a relatively short period of time. Instagram, for example, has only been out for three years. How is that possible? Slacker Radio came out in 2009? I thought it was much more recent! Which pioneer apps are your favorites? See also: Apple Continues Preparations For The App Store's New Kids Category In iOS 7The Number Of Google Play App Downloads Now Exceed Those In Apple's App Store, and Number Of Free Apps In The App Store Continues To Rise.
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