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Bring Sword, Forget Pants In Forthcoming Hack-n-Slash iOS Game Trouserheart

August 28, 2013
The dress code is firmly "pants optional" in Trouserheart, a forthcoming hack-n-slash title for iOS that features a pants-less hero charged with the task of swinging his wooden sword at as many ghoulish goblins as possible (no pun intended, of course). As TouchArcade explains, Trouserheart looks to be a fun, addictive application:
10tons calls Trouserheart an "instantly accessible hack'n slash" and along with all that hacking and slashing there will be some light RPG elements as well. I'm liking the look of Trouserheart just based on the teaser, and I'm always onboard for a new hack'n slash game.
Though little information concerning Trouserheart has been released, a teaser trailer gives iDevice owners an idea of what they can expect once the application becomes available. Here's the video, see what you think:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

From what we understand, Trouserheart should reach the App Store some time in September. We'll keep you updated with further information on the application as we receive it.

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