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Kitty Cat High Five: UK Carrier 3 To Launch Less Expensive 4G LTE This Year

Kitty Cat High Five: UK Carrier 3 To Launch Less Expensive 4G LTE This Year

August 31, 2013
In the British Isles, carrier 3 ("Three") is set to launch its own 4G LTE network later this year, in December 2013. However, unlike rival carriers O2 and Vodafone, 3 isn't matching itself against one-time 4G LTE exclusive carrier EE's pricing: Instead, 3's 4G LTE service will be available for up to 50 percent cheaper than competing plans from other networks. Impressively, present 3 customers with 4G-ready smartphones or tablets, such as the iPhone 5, will be upgraded to one of the carrier's 4G LTE plans at no extra cost: "It’ll be easy to switch over too, all that’s required is a simple software update. You won’t even need to go in to a store. There’ll be no new contract to sign, no new SIM and no tariff change. We really want this transition to be as easy as possible for our customers," 3 explains at its website. The carrier continues:
Not only that, but our famous All You Can Eat data offering will still be available on 4G. So you’ll be able to share even more, ponies, pugs, and kittens. Which can only be a good thing, right?
3's All You Can Eat data package allows customers to consume an unlimited amount of cellular data on a smartphone or tablet. According to the carrier, 3's 4G LTE network will launch first in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, before rolling out across the British Isles throughout 2014 and 2015. During 2014, 50 additional cities will get 3's 4G LTE network; by the end of 2015, the carrier ambitiously hopes to cover 98 percent of the British population. As such, 3 is offering customers an impressive service. Do you have experience with the carrier? Let us know in the comments. See also: This Weekend, Be Sure To Grab These Great iOS Apps On SaleResume Designer Pro 2.0 Features New Styles, iCloud Syncing And More, and Sony's QX "Smart Shot" Camera Lens Will Be Ready For The Champagne-Colored iPhone.

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