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Red Bird Meets Red Bull In Angry Birds Go!, Rovio's Upcoming Kart Racing Game

Last June, Rovio began teasing Angry Birds Go!, an upcoming new addition to its hugely popular Angry Birds franchise. Now, the successful Finnish entertainment company has come out to announce what sort of game we can expect to play when it finally releases Angry Birds Go!. Rovio introduced Angry Birds Go! as something that "Angry Birds, but no as you know it!" It also launched a teaser website showing one of the title characters zooming off and leaving quite a few feathers in its track. This resulted in speculation that the game would likely turn out to be either an endless running game or a racing game. Well, Rovio has posted a new video, shown below, to set the record straight as to the game's basic nature. Is it an endless running game, or is it a racing game? If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. According to Kalle Kaivola, SVP of Product and Publishing at Rovio, Angry Birds Go! is going to be a racing game. A kart racing game, to be more specific. What's more, Angry Birds Go! is being developed by Rovio in partnership with Red Bull, the eponymous company behind Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour and Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 - Unbeaten Tracks. Kaivola also hints at kart customization features in the game, perhaps akin to Bad Piggies' key contraption-building capabilities. "The moment the kart fell apart in front of our eyes, we just knew it felt right," says Kaivola, alluding to Rovio's live field test. "So simple. So beautiful." Rovio is set to announce a release date and a gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Go! soon. So, make sure to stay tuned to AppAdvice as we keep you updated on the latest Angry Birds and Rovio news as they become available.
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