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The iPhone 5C Shines Nicely In A New Durability Test

A Taiwanese blog, Apple Daily, was recently able to land a widely rumored iPhone 5C and put the handset through a few tests. In a video, the site put the phone in a plastic bag filled with coins, keys, screws, and paper clips to test the back panel’s scratch resistance. And after giving the bag a good shake, the handset comes out without a scratch. The tester then tried to scratch the shell directly with a key but was unsuccessful. The report said the back panel surface could easily be as hard as 8H on the hardness scale. Along with the lower-cost handset, the site also showed off the apparent back panel of the iPhone 5S. Just as previously speculated, the dual-LED flash is very apparent on the new model. An odd, blue-colored coating does cover the back panel. Both models are widely expected to be unveiled at a special event on Tuesday, Sept. 10. The iPhone 5C will come in a number of colors, expected to be blue, green, yellow, white, and possibly more. Apple will also introduce a new gold color for the iPhone 5S. The flagship handset may also be sporting a fingerprint sensor beneath the home button.
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