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Angry Birds Star Wars Takes You To The Moon Of Endor To Meet The Endearing Ewoks

Angry Birds Star Wars has just received a new major update. If you're a fan of the Ewoks from the "Star Wars" universe, then you're bound to like this update as it takes you to the Moon of Endor, home to the adorable mammaloid bipeds:
The saga continues on the Moon of Endor with 30 furry new levels! Help the Rebel Birds disable the Death Star’s deflector shield before it’s too late. Take on Stormtroopers, Speeder Bikes and two-legged AT-ST walkers in the dense forests of Endor. And look out for those loveable fur balls – the Ewoks!
In the new version of Angry Birds Star Wars, you can enjoy 30 new levels set in the Moon of Endor, featuring swinging logs and AT-ST walkers. You can also bounce items off drums and into the path of the enemy. And every time something hits a drum, you get to wake up the furry Ewoks. The newly updated Angry Birds Star Wars also includes a huge final battle where you have to destroy the bunker to disable the Death Star’s deflector shield. Now also including a ToonsTV channel for the popular Angry Birds Toons animated series, Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone and Angry Birds Star Wars HD for iPad are available in the App Store for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. This new update to Angry Birds Star Wars comes a week ahead of the scheduled release of Angry Birds Star Wars II. In fact, according to a tweet (embedded above) on the official Angry Birds Twitter account, it marks the beginning of Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars II countdown. The countdown is also set to reveal new characters and introduce new levels for Angry Birds Space and the original Angry Birds. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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