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Apple's iPhone 5s Is 3 Times More Popular Than The iPhone 5c

Apple's iPhone 5s Is 3 Times More Popular Than The iPhone 5c

September 23, 2013
Apple's iPhone 5s is three times more popular than the iPhone 5c, according to recent data from Localytics. It's certainly unsurprising news, as preorders for the "low-cost" iPhone 5c appeared to be unimpressive and subsequent demand for the handset in the Apple Online Store seemed weak. On the other hand, Apple's high-end iPhone 5s sold out in the Apple Online Store, and shipping estimates have been pushed back to October. Localytics explains that the iPhone 5s appears to be outselling the iPhone 5c by a factor of 3.4, with the data collected based on some 20 million Web impressions made by iPhone handsets. TechCrunch explains:
Localytics also broke down iPhone 5s and 5c adoption by carrier, and found that AT&T had the highest buy-in rate, with the 5s and 5c making up 0.67 percent of all phones on the network. And probably not surprisingly, given the number of stock outages reported for the iPhone 5s, it is leading the way on the Localytics platform by a fairly wide margin, representing 1.05 percent of all U.S. iPhones, while the 5c trails with 0.31 percent of the total breakdown. Aside from comments on Twitter and other social media sites indicating the 5s was in higher demand and shorter supply, a conversation with an Apple Store employee this weekend at the Covent Garden location in London indicates that the 5s was sold out very quickly, with many 5c units remaining in stock as of Saturday.
Here's how the four main U.S. carriers compare in terms of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c active users. Of course, it's unlikely that the ratio of iPhone 5s to iPhone 5c sales will be maintained in the coming months. Customers looking to queue up for an iPhone at launch weekend aren't going to opt for a mass market model such as the iPhone 5c, and are instead much more likely to purchase the high-end, flagship handset on offer. This clearly proved to be the case on Friday. Whether the iPhone 5c is able to attract more customers in the near future, however, of course remains to be seen. In other news, after wavering a couple of days ago, it seems iOS 7 usage overtook that of iOS 6 this past weekend. See also: How Many Photos Will The iPhone 5s Handset's Burst Mode Take?Marvin E-Reading App Gains Improvements For iPhone, iPod touch And iPad, and Instapaper Creator Marco Arment Has A New Podcast App In The Works.