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AT&T Strikes Deal With Verizon, Looks To Further Improve Its 4G LTE Network

AT&T Strikes Deal With Verizon, Looks To Further Improve Its 4G LTE Network

September 12, 2013
In a bid to further improve its 4G LTE network in the United States, AT&T has purchased a portion of rival carrier Verizon's unused wireless spectrum, reportedly spending some $1.9 billion. The upgrade, which sees AT&T gain an additional 39 700MHz licences, will improve the carrier's network for around 42 million subscribers across 18 states. As such, AT&T is in a great position to fulfil its goal of offering 4G LTE to almost 270 million people by the end of 2013. In response to the move, the FCC's acting chairperson Mignon Clyburn released a statement, praising the carriers for their negotiation:
This is a big win for consumers, especially in rural areas, who will see more competition and more choices. Also, by making it easier for small wireless carriers to compete, today’s interoperability solution will spur private investment, job creation, and the development of innovative new services and devices.
AT&T explains that its purchase will help cover subscribers in the following states: California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Adobe Revel Gains Support For Videos With New Auto-Import And Sharing OptionsUpdated: Jimmy Kimmel Offers A Hilarious Take On First Look: iPhone 5s, and Control Beyond: Two Souls On PlayStation 3 Using Your iDevice With Beyond Touch.

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