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Deck Up! Dominion Card Game Set To Launch For The iPad This Fall

Deck Up! Dominion Card Game Set To Launch For The iPad This Fall

September 2, 2013
Like so many other card games and board games, Dominion is set to launch for the iPad. Though available in an "unofficial" iOS app since January 2012, Goko Games is now planning on bringing the deck building Dominion to the App Store in an official iPad application, and announced the news in a recent forum post. Features of the forthcoming app, according to Goko, will include:
  • Play against the computer, online or offline. Lots of flavors of bots to hone your skills for every kind of opponent. Fight greed against Banker Bot, or try to slip one by our Warlord!
  • Find your friends and play with them online. Show your love and devotion to faraway friends and relatives with a quick hand of this beloved deck-building game.
  • No shuffling or cheating! Yes, this whole digital thing has some practical advantages.
Little else concerning the application, however, is known. Goko promises that a trailer should be online soon, so with any luck we'll have a better idea of what we can expect from Dominion in the near future. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Unsworn Dungeon Crawling Sci-Fi RPG Is One To Look Out ForGet Her Off Your Car Now: Wiper Woman For iOS Launches In The App Store, and Mech Rally To Offer iDevice Owners A Sci-Fi Racing Parkour Game For iOS.

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