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Double Dynamo Will Offer iDevice Users A Workout For Their Brain

Double Dynamo Will Offer iDevice Users A Workout For Their Brain

September 14, 2013
Double Dynamo is set to offer iDevice users a brain workout once it launches in the App Store. The app charges gamers with the task of deducing exactly how items on a conveyor belt match up. This can be in terms of colors, patters (which are printed on the moving items), or both, and players must make their selection as each item passes a specific point on its route. Confused? Let the below trailer video provide a demonstration of Double Dynamo's interesting gameplay:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

There's no shortage of well designed puzzlers in the App Store, with one recent and popular example being Strata, which we reviewed not long ago. Double Dynamo, however, looks like it could complement the App Store's offering of puzzler apps perfectly. It's expected to launch later this month - we'll let you know once the game becomes available. In the meantime, see: Fright Fight's Mercy The Vampire Appears In Early Beta VideoCarrier Wars In Japan Result In iPhone 5s Going Free On Contract, and Marvin For iPad 2.0 Arrives Alongside Brand New Marvin For iPhone And iPod touch.

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