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Extra! Extra! Official New York Times And Huffington Post Apps Get iOS 7 Updates

Extra! Extra! Official New York Times And Huffington Post Apps Get iOS 7 Updates

September 19, 2013
As we reported a little while ago, Apple has just updated the App Store with a new section that highlights some apps that have been "Designed for iOS 7." This section happens to include the official iOS apps of a couple of high-profile news organizations: The New York Times and The Huffington Post. The New York Times maintains two separate flagship apps in the App Store, one for iPhone simply called NYTimes and one for iPad called NYTimes for iPad. And with the launch of iOS 7, NYTimes has been updated to version 4.0 and NYTimes for iPad has been updated to version 3.0. Both apps have been redesigned to match the look and feel of iOS 7 with more modern visuals, smoother transitions, and easier navigation. In NYTimes and NYTimes for iPad, swiping between sections is now allowed for quicker browsing and sections can now be reordered to prioritize favorites by editing the section list. Both apps now also support sharing articles via iOS 7's AirDrop and setting of dynamic type via iOS 7's universal text size selection. As for The Huffington Post, its namesake universal iOS app has been updated to version 5.0. The Huffington Post 5.0 introduces a new iOS 7-ready design plus several new features. In the new version of The Huffington Post for iOS, you can now save bookmarked articles for offline reading, adjust text size right from any article, and watch recent video clips from HuffPost Live. NYTimes 4.0, NYTimes for iPad 3.0, and The Huffington Post 5.0 are available now in the App Store all for free. Note that all three newly updated apps are compatible with iDevices running iOS 7. For more apps that have been redesigned specifically for iOS 7, check out Twitterrific 5.5 Gets Refined For iOS 7 And Brings New Features, Finish’s iOS 7 Update Ushers In A Long Requested Feature, and Facebook’s iOS 7 Update Features A New Menu Bar. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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