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John Gruber Confirms License To Sync Is Coming To Vesper, But Not Anytime Soon

John Gruber Confirms License To Sync Is Coming To Vesper, But Not Anytime Soon

September 28, 2013
After going double-O-seven for iOS 7 with a new design and a number of other improvements, the simple and elegant note-taking app Vesper is set to gain its most-requested feature: sync. Just not anytime soon, though. If you look at some of the "Most Critical" reviews for Vesper in the App Store, you'll notice that many of them mention the absence of a sync solution in the app as one of its shortcomings. In fact, the most recent review for Vesper, as of this writing, was written by a user who laments this omission with an example of the hazards of using a sync-less note-taking app: "My kid deleted the app while playing with my iPhone and I lost all my notes which are work-related forever." Well, in the not so distant future, this unfortunate event and others like it can be prevented from happening with the addition of sync support for Vesper. In a new post on Daring Fireball, Vesper co-developer John Gruber reveals that sync is indeed in the offing for the note-taking app:
We’re breaking with policy to announce this because sync is so important to so many of you that it was becoming untenable to do otherwise. We want you to know that our priorities align with yours. Sync is the feature that almost everything else on our roadmap hinges upon.
And when it comes, sync is going to be optional and off by default, in keeping with Vesper's original and current function as an iPhone-only "data silo." Acknowledging the notorious difficulty of implementing sync on iOS, Gruber safely puts the arrival of the highly anticipated feature in Vesper at "a year":
I know what you’re thinking: What? A year! I’m sure sync is hard but a year sounds crazy. That’s nuts. And you’re right, that does sound crazy. If I were to tell you what I honestly thought, I’d tell you I think it’s going to take several months. But I don’t want to disappoint you, so let’s stick with “a year” and hope that we can unveil it months ahead of schedule, instead of months behind.
In the meantime, Vesper remains available, sans sync, in the App Store for $3.99. For more information on Vesper, check out Capture Your Thoughts Without Friction With Vesper, Vesper’s First Update Brings Easier Tag Creation Plus More iOS 7-Like Interface Touches, Simple Note Taking App Vesper Adds TextExpander Support, and Simple And Elegant Note-Taking App Vesper Goes Double-O-Seven For iOS 7.

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