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Kickstarter: Hold Your iPhone, Cash, Cards And More In The Smart ONEPOCKET

Kickstarter: Hold Your iPhone, Cash, Cards And More In The Smart ONEPOCKET

September 2, 2013
ONEPOCKET is more than just an iPhone case. Instead, the product, which launched recently on Kickstarter, can hold one's cash, cards, keys, and smartphone, while also doubling as a clever mount and protective case that can shield a handset if it's dropped. Called a "magic wallet" by its creators, ONEPOCKET is specially designed for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. As outlined at the product's Kickstarter Web page:
The idea is to keep your iPhone protected and, by allowing you to keep the contents of your wallet together with it, ONEPOCKET will also help to minimize the chances of leaving important belongings behind as everything you need will be in one place and will also fit in one single pocket!
Furthermore, thanks to an "easy slide" mechanism, users can quickly take pictures using their ONEPOCKET-equipped iPhone without having to remove the case. It's possible to attach keys, key rings, and pen drives using the hooks attached to ONEPOCKET: Finally, users can prop up their iPhone using ONEPOCKET, since the iPhone case can fold up into a stand, too. Provided the project reaches its funding goal of £23,500, backers can preorder their ONEPOCKET for £17 (around $26), and all being well the product is expected to ship in January 2014. For more information on the project, including a product video, be sure to head over to ONEPOCKET's Kickstarter Web page. See also: Next Issue Now Includes Over 100 Digital Magazine Titles For One Monthly PriceBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition To Launch For iOS, Too, and Deck Up! Dominion Card Game Set To Launch For The iPad This Fall.

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