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Samsung Asserts That It Has Long Had The Midas Touch For Turning Out Gold Phones

Samsung wants everyone to know that it's been making gold phones long before Apple came out with the first iPhone, let alone the gold iPhone 5s. The South Korean electronics company showed off the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition (which comes in Gold Brown and Gold Pink) a few days ago, just two weeks after Apple introduced the gold iPhone 5s. But in a new blog post (via 9to5Mac), Samsung defensively asserts that the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition was actually launched a month ago in the U.A.E. and became available in stores beginning Sept. 8. It has also been released in Kuwait and Qatar. "By now you probably know that aliens work with Samsung," so begins Samsung's blog post, "well so do some gods – Midas, to name one." Well, first of all, although he got his golden touch from the Greek god Dionysus, Midas himself is not a god. But regardless, Samsung proceeds to showcase its long-standing "Midas touch" with what it notes is "definitely not a complete list" of the gold-colored or gold-plated phones it has come up with (some not commercially released) over the years. The latest in the list is this year's Samsung Galaxy Golden and the earliest is the Athens Olympic Phone from 2004, three years before the launch of the first-generation iPhone.
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