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This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Case Madness, Part 2

This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Case Madness, Part 2

September 20, 2013
Welcome back! It’s a momentous day as Apple is introducing two new iPhones for the first time ever. We started taking a look at a number of case options for both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last week, and we’ll conclude our roundup today.

Spigen SGP

Neo Hybrid: Combining a hard polycarbonate frame and coated soft premium cover, the Neo Hybrid maintains the sleek look of the iPhone 5c while protecting the handset. The frames and bumpers can also be interchanged for a personalized look. Available in silver, red, white, yellow, and slate, the case retails for $29.99. It can be preordered now with shipping expected early next month. Ultra Thin Air: The pictured Ultra Thin Air for the iPhone 5c does a nice job of providing protection while allowing the colorful exterior of the handset to shine through the clear polycarbonate shell. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to be patient for this pictured case. Spigen’s site only lists it as “coming soon” with no retail price. The case will also ship with a microfiber cleaning cloth and an ultra crystal screen protector.


OVRMLD: A flexible, hard shell case, the OVRMLD for the iPhone 5c is highlighted by its scratch resistance and rugged outer shell made from Incipio’s Plextonium. Available in five different color combinations, including clear, the case can be preordered now for $34.99. Dual Pro: Another option for the iPhone 5c, the Dual Pro also features a Plextonium outer shell and an impact-absorbing core. A smooth matte finish gives the case an easy-to-hold grip. Buyers can select from seven different colors – black, cyan, gray, green, pink, purple, and white. The case can be preordered now for $29.99. NGP: A thinner case choice for the lower-cost handset, the NGP is made with a softer, flexible material that is stretch and tear resistant. Available in six different matte-finished colors, the case is $19.99 on preorder. Stowaway: A unique option for the iPhone 5s/5, the pictured Stowaway is a credit card case with an integrated stand. The back compartment holds up to three credit cards while the door opens up to make a horizontal stand. A glass finish frame will also help the case stand shine, literally. Available soon, the case retails for $34.99. Buyers can select from one of eight different color schemes. Watson: With a vegan leather cover and micro suede inner lining, the Watson folio case has three slots for cash, credit cards, and IDs. The Plextonium hard shell case can also be removed if needed. Available in black, green, tan, maroon, and white, the Watson is listed as coming soon. It will retail for $44.99, and is designed for the iPhone 5s/5. Edge Pro: Available to purchase now, the Edge Pro for the iPhone 5s/5 is a slider case with a two-piece design. That should allow users to easily dock their phone when needed. A rigid frame protects the outside while a semi-rigid interior protects from impacts. With nine color combinations to select from, the Edge Pro is $34.99. As a nice bonus, Incipio also includes a screen protector.


Barely There: Available for both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s/5, the Barely There is a nice slim case option. While the iPhone 5c version is designed with a transparent and clear finish that showcases the phone, the iPhone 5s/5 edition has 13 different colors to select from. The case for the high-end handset also has a lay-flat bezel that protects the iPhone’s screen when placed face down. Both versions cost a very reasonable $25 and can be ordered now. Hula: Only for the iPhone 5c, the aptly named Hula is a slim profile bumper with protection for all four corners. A lay flat bezel on the front and back helps protect the entire handset from scratches. It will be available in black, white, and pink and set you back $25. As an extra layer of protection, Case-Mate also includes a front and back screen protector. Naked Tough: Available in three different combinations to help coordinate with the look of the iPhone 5s/5, the pictured Naked Tough features a protective bumper along with metallic buttons for the on/off switch and volume selectors. It’s $35 and can be ordered now. Buyers can select from a clear case and white bumper, clear case and bumper, and a black bumper with a clear case. Brushed Aluminum: A high-end case selection with a genuine brushed aluminum inlay, this iPhone 5s/5 case has an interlocking design for an added level of protection. The inlay gives the case a finished feel throughout. Retailing for $50, the black and rosegold version can be ordered now. The all black and gunmetal/black editions should be available soon.


Form Series: With a high-gloss finish the pictured Form case for the iPhone 5c is highlighted by an aluminum badge accent and a matching home button. Available in blue, pink, black, and white, the case retails for $18.99 and can be ordered now. Crystal: The Crystal is similar to the Form series, but as suggested by the name, the case is made with clear plastic and can easily snap on to the iPhone 5c. It is also $18.99 and available now.


LS Jewel Glitter: With a transluscent exterior, the LS Jewel Glitter for the iPhone 5c is available in turquoise and magenta. Both colors options are infused with silver sparkles. Exclusively found in AT&T retail locations, the case can be purchased for $19.99. Aspira Series: Another option for the iPhone 5c, the Aspira comes in white, black, neon green, and neon hot pink. Made with two layers of protection, the case has reinforced corner protection and a high-polish finish on the outer shell. A small bumper also helps protect the screen when the handset is placed face down. It costs $34.99. Shell Gel: Offering three layers of protection, the Shell Gel line is expanding to cover the iPhone 5c. Retailing for $34.99, it is listed as coming soon. Buyers can choose from an all black case or a black case with white accents. SG Maxx: Not to be outdone by the three-layer protection system of the Shell Gel, the SG Maxx offers a built-in screen protector, shock absorbent polymer, a tough shell, and reinforced Ballistic Corners. Made for the iPhone 5c, the case also has integrated port covers and a rugged swivel clip with a holster. Coming soon, the SG Maxx is available in black or black with white accents. It retails for $49.99.

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