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PureGear's Retro Game Cases Bring iDevice Gaming Outside Of iOS

PureGear's Retro Game Cases Bring iDevice Gaming Outside Of iOS

September 17, 2013
The App Store offers some impressive iPhone games, but one new smartphone case aims to liberate iDevice gaming from Apple's iOS. Created by PureGear, the new Retro Game Cases offer protection for an iPhone handset and feature a labyrinth-style game built in to the case's exterior, making it possible for users to secure an on-the-go gaming fix even if their smartphone has ran out of power. PureGear's cases retail online for $29.99, and three color combinations - blue and red, green and blue, and pink and orange - are available. As you can see, each case features a different built-in game, too. PureGear explains at its website:
  • Amazing: Navigate the ball through the challenging maze from start to finish
  • Groovy: Maneuver the balls until all are in the center at the same time in a game of wits
  • Undecided: Hold vertically and shoot the ball for a magically answer to your question
  • Sturdy, flexible case
  • Device protection with a twist
The Retro Game Cases also happily support the iPhone 5s, too, and leave plenty of room for the smartphone's Touch ID-equipped Home button (as per Apple's design drawings). Looking for an iPhone case that provides "device protection with a twist," then? If so, consider PureGear's Retro Game Cases. As mentioned, each one of the three cases can be purchased for $29.99. See also: This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Case Madness, Part 1STM Has You Covered, Launches New Cases For Apple's iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Apple Unveils Lightning-Compatible iPhone Docks For The iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C.

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