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Transport Tycoon For iOS Reportedly 'On Track' For Oct. 3 Launch

Transport Tycoon For iOS Reportedly 'On Track' For Oct. 3 Launch

September 19, 2013
All aboard! Transport Tycoon has officially left the station, and is set to pull into the App Store on Oct. 3. The news reached us from iMore, who explains that Chris Sawyer's popular Transport Tycoon has been rebuilt from the ground up for Apple's iDevices and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. The website continues:
The game puts you in charge of building up transportation infrastructures between towns and cities, keeping passengers and freight moving to help grease the wheels of commerce. You build bus and truck lines, trams and rail lines, airports and seaports. You'll need to build bridges and dig tunnels - everything it takes to build a thriving transportation system that successfully brings people, materials and goods to where they need to go.
Featuring more than 150 vehicles, 49 different scenarios, along with "progress tracking and in-depth commentary statistics," Transport Tycoon for iOS looks to be a great port that fans of the original will love. Here's hoping RollerCoaster Tycoon makes the leap to iOS in the near future, too! As mentioned, Transport Tycoon is set to arrive in the App Store on Oct. 3. We'll let you know once it's available to download. In the meantime, see: Final Fantasy Agito To Be Localized, But U.S. Release Is Still UnconfirmedVimeo For iOS 7 Presents New Design And New Features, But Where's Search?, and Extra! Extra! Official New York Times And Huffington Post Apps Get iOS 7 Updates.