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Final Fantasy Agito To Be Localized, But US Release Is Still Unconfirmed

Final Fantasy Agito To Be Localized, But US Release Is Still Unconfirmed

September 19, 2013
More news concerning Final Fantasy Agito has hit the Web, and it isn't all that positive. In a recent U.S. Gamer article, it has been confirmed that the forthcoming role-playing game (RPG) title for iOS and Android "will definitely be localized," but a U.S. release still is uncertain. The publication explains:
Square Enix representatives were quick to clarify that this wasn't an announcement of an overseas release for Agito; games are often localized into other languages but never released in other territories. EarthBound Zero is surely the most infamous example of this reality, but for Agito it hits much closer to home as well. According to Tabata, Type 0 was largely localized into English and other European languages but never released for logistical reasons. That could happen with Agito as well - though it seems unlikely, given the fact that Agito's platform (iOS) has a much stronger presence in the West than Type 0's (PlayStation Portable, which at the time of the game's 2011 release had dried up outside Japan).
Given the amount of interest in Final Fantasy Agito, it could be that the developer-publisher Square Enix decides to release the game outside of Japan. However, as of this writing, nothing either way has been officially confirmed. For more information on Final Fantasy Agito, be sure to take a look at our original article or watch the trailer video below.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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