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Apple Remains Silent On New iPads, Public Launch Of OS X Mavericks And More

Apple Remains Silent On New iPads, Public Launch Of OS X Mavericks And More

October 3, 2013
Apple is likely to announce its second media event in as many months in just a few days. That event will feature the unveiling of new iPads, and probably a lot more. What should we expect? It's time to take a look.

New iPads

We heard very little about next-generation iPads over the summer. That has changed in a big way in recent weeks. The iPad 5 is likely to be much thinner than previous models, and feature an 8-megapixel rear camera. It could also include Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition feature that Apple first launched on the iPhone 5s. The iPad mini 2 is also coming, but not necessarily this year. At issue are rumored supply constraints for the device’s Retina display. Because of this, Apple could hold off on launching the tablet until 2014, or release it this year, but in limited quantities. Our best bet: Apple knows it must launch a Retina display iPad mini 2 for the holidays, and they will.


New iMacs were quietly announced early last week. Like the newest MacBook Airs, these models include Intel’s latest processor, “Haswell.” What remains are updates to the MacBook Pro and Mac mini, both of which should come very soon. Also expected in the coming weeks is the next-generation Mac Pro, which was unveiled at WWDC.

OS X Mavericks

AppleCare employees are now being trained on OS X Mavericks. This means that a public release is imminent, probably before the end of the month. Apple TV Cupertino recently hired a CableLabs executive as an engineering director. This suggests that Apple has big plans for next-generation Apple TVs, and perhaps, the so-called iTV. Whether either of these products are released this month remains to be seen. 

New iPods

Rumors suggest that Apple is finally going to retire the iPod Classic. Beyond that, very little has been heard about the launch of next-generation iPods.


We'll continue to follow this story and let you know the moment Apple announces its iPad event. Until then, stay tuned.

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