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Could Apple's Next-Generation Apple TV Launch On Oct. 23?

Could Apple's Next-Generation Apple TV Launch On Oct. 23?

October 18, 2013
Apple could be planning on launching its anticipated next-generation Apple TV on Oct. 23, according to Amazon's French and German storefronts. The news comes from, which provides the above screenshot. As you can see, though the product listed is the third-generation Apple TV, the date of availability clearly shows "23. Oktober 2013." It has been suggested, then, that an internal error on Amazon's part has attached the launch date of Apple's fourth-generation Apple TV to the product page for the Cupertino, Calif. company's third-generation set-top box. Though of course, at this point we're dealing with speculation, and speculation only. The Oct. 23 date would position the launch of Apple's new Apple TVs one day after the company's iPad-themed media event. It is also the same day that the Anki Drive is set to launch in Apple Retail Stores and in the Apple Online Store. Apple "still has a lot to cover" at its forthcoming event, and besides new iPads, a refreshed Apple TV has been rumored. As we explained in our recent roundup, however, nobody is quite sure how the set-top box could be further improved:
Apple has remained mum on the future of the Apple TV, and whether an actual television set is coming. In recent months, Apple has added a number of new channels to the existing product, including Watch ESPN, HBO Go, and more.
Indeed, a fully fledged television set - an Apple HDTV, if you will - instead seems to be the next major TV-based innovation set to come out of Cupertino. Most reports, however, don't expect such a product to launch until 2014, at the earliest. Apple's Oct. 22 event is set to begin at 10 a.m. PDT. We'll be covering the day's news from start to finish, so be sure to check back with us. In the meantime, see: Orbitz Flights, Hotels, Cars 4.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign Plus More RewardsTodoMovies Creator Taphive Joins The Blurry Wallpaper Bandwagon With Blur Studio, and D&D: Arena Of War Is The First Free-To-Play Mobile Dungeons & Dragons Game.

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