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The Super Simple M7-Powered Pedometer++ Gets Smart In Latest Update

The Super Simple M7-Powered Pedometer++ Gets Smart In Latest Update

October 11, 2013
Pedometer++, the super simple M7-powered (and iPhone 5s-only) pedometer application, has just received a great update adding a number of useful features to the app's minimalistic yet effective offering. As a reminder, Pedometer++ uses the iPhone 5s handset's clever M7 coprocessor to track the number of steps its user takes throughout the day. Apple's coprocessor allows applications to access users' location and movement without draining battery life, and as an M7-powered application Pedometer++ offered iPhone 5s owners a simple, minimalistic, yet highly usable pedometer app back when it first launched. Now, however, the application has been revamped in its first update. In version 1.1 of Pedometer++, the app displays step counts for individual days over the course of the last week, as well as the total number of steps taken over this period. It's also possible to set goals in Pedometer++ 1.1, and the app will color code your step count in order to indicate whether you're on track to achieve your preset target. As developer Cross Forward Consulting explains:
  • It now records your daily step counts and display them over time. Helping you to see how your activity fluctuates and hopefully motivating you to get up and go.
  • You can now set a personal step goal for each day. The step counts are then color coded with your progress towards that goal. Red means you need to get up and go, Orange means you are getting there and Green means that you rock!
Best of all, Pedometer++ is still free to download in the App Store. As mentioned, it's optimized for the iPhone 5s only. Check out the updated application now, or for more of our recent news, see: Some Lost "Doctor Who" Episodes Are Now Available Exclusively Through iTunesRoon Updated With iOS 7 Design, Rich Markdown Text Editing And iPad Support, and The Popular Turn-Based Trivia Game Trivie Is "Breaking Bad" With Its Latest Update.

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