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Apple Now Offering Discounts For Black Friday In UK And Other European Countries

Apple Now Offering Discounts For Black Friday In UK And Other European Countries

November 29, 2013
Apple's Black Friday deals have just gone live in its online stores in the U.K., France, Germany, and other European countries. But contrary to earlier expectations, Apple is offering discounts instead of gift cards in at least those parts of the world. Earlier today, it was reported that Apple would be offering gift cards in lieu of discounts for its special sale on the day after Thanksgiving. Indeed, the company's online stores in Australia and other countries had begun giving Apple Store gift cards rather than discounts for products included in their Black Friday promotions. But over in Europe, Apple opened its virtual doors to Black Friday shoppers not with gift cards as incentives, but with actual discounts on select items. Apple's U.K. online store, for example, offers the following savings for iPad, iPod, and Mac products:
  • iPad Air: From £368.00 (Was £399.00), Save £31.00
  • iPad mini: From £234.00 (Was £249.00), Save £15.00
  • iPad 2: From £304.00 (Was £329.00), Save £25.00
  • MacBook Pro with Retina display: From £1,018.00 (Was £1,099.00), Save £81.00
  • MacBook Pro: From £918.00 (Was £999.00), Save £81.00
  • MacBook Air: From £768.00 (Was £849.00), Save £81.00
  • iMac: From £1,068.00 (Was £1,149.00), Save £81.00
  • iPod touch: From £224.00 (Was £249.00), Save £25.00
  • iPod nano: From £118.00 (Was £129.00), Save £11.00
Special pricing is also offered for Apple TV and other accessories. Apple's Black Friday deals are expected to go live in the U.S. and Canada later at midnight Pacific Time. We'll let you know then whether they're going to offer gift cards or discounts. In the meantime, check out our updated Best Black Friday Apps AppGuide to get the most of out of holiday deals from other retailers.

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