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Art Set Gets New Graphics Engine, Retina Support, iOS 7 Optimization And More

Art Set Gets New Graphics Engine, Retina Support, iOS 7 Optimization And More

November 16, 2013
The popular app for artists, Art Set, has received a big update adding support for Apple's Retina display, a brand new graphics engine, enhanced blending tools, and more. Art Set can be downloaded in the App Store for $0.99, and is optimized for the iPad. Art Set has been featured by Apple a number of times since its release in the App Store back in 2011, and it has previously ranked as the No. 1 paid application in more than 30 countries. The app allows users to draw and paint on an interactive canvas using virtual pens, pencils, paints, and pastels; more detail can be added by zooming in on one's creation, too. In a new update, Art Set has been further improved by developer LOFOPI, though users should note that the application now requires a minimum of iOS 7. Provided you've updated your iPad accordingly, features added to Art Set include:
  • completely new graphics engine with incredible levels of expression and realism
  • support for retina displays with high resolution canvas on retina screens at near 4 Mega pixels (1728 x 2304)
  • blending tools have much more variety
  • unlimited undo
  • eraser much faster
  • export via email and social networks
  • improved gallery operation
  • video tutorial
  • iOS 7 Updates
However, if you're a serious iPad artist looking to spend a little more on a higher quality art application, Art Set is now also available in a "pro" edition, which offers users a wider range of features. This app is available for $7.99, and features include:
  • incredibly realistic new paint engine
  • colour blends as you paint
  • paint takes on texture of the canvas or paper
  • simulation keeps track of wet paint on the canvas
  • adjustable paint load on your brush
  • exhaustible paint, runs out whilst painting
  • add thinners to control paint opacity
  • set of virtual paint brushes of various shapes and sizes
  • create custom colours by mixing, ensuring harmonious palettes
  • colour picker to sample direct from the canvas
  • user editable palette to store and arrange your custom colours
  • dry brush blending
  • auto / manual brush cleaning and loading, allows dirty brush effects
  • more papers and canvases from old cardboard, raw canvas, graph, squared and isometric paper
  • charcoal stick
  • fine artists chalk
  • paint pens for opaque colour
  • 3 grades of graphite pencil 3B, HB, 3H
  • oil pastels that blend on canvas
Art Set can be downloaded in the App Store for $0.99, while Art Set - Pro Edition carries a higher price tag of $7.99. More iPad apps for artists are outlined in our dedicated article, Best iPad Apps For Artists. See also: Mattebox Gets Major Overhaul In Latest Update, Adds Redesign And MoreApple's New iPad mini Suffers From Retina Display Image Retention Problem, and Apple Launches OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 For Registered Developers.

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