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Blackberry Opens Up BBM To Wi-Fi Only iPad, iPod touch Users

Blackberry has just updated its new BBM app for iOS devices to open up the service to both iPod touch and iPad users without cellular data connections. Version also allows users to invite BBM contacts to BBM groups by using email. The “Tell Your Friends” feature helps connect with other people using the service. And with the update, users can also quickly share their BBM PIN and PIN barcode to a wide variety of social networks. Along with general bug fixes and improvements, the update fixes an issue where some users would be missing BBM contact names and problems with the right to left language support. BBM can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. While the app works on the iPad, do take note that its only the iPhone app in double pixel mode. It was definitely an interesting journey for BBM before it finally hit the App Store a little less than a month ago. It was originally released in September, but thanks to a leaked version of the Android app, Blackberry pulled the iOS version from the store and went back to the drawing board. The night of BBM’s release, the struggling smartphone maker announced that more than 5 million people already activated their BBM accounts. And less than a week later, a reservation system for the app was scuttled as Blackberry opened up the service to everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about the app, take a look at our original review from Daniel Celeste.
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