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It's Been 30 Long Years, But M.U.L.E. Is Set To Return For Apple's iOS

It's Been 30 Long Years, But M.U.L.E. Is Set To Return For Apple's iOS

November 22, 2013
The classic 1983 strategy title M.U.L.E. is set to make a return to the world of gaming in a new iOS application, appropriately titled M.U.L.E. Returns. Though news concerning the release has been circulating online for some time, developer Comma8 has now confirmed that the game will reach our iDevices on Nov. 25. In a post added to its blog, Comma8 confirms the forthcoming release of M.U.L.E. Returns. As a reminder, the new game had been slated for a November 2012 launch, but due to unforeseen circumstances this didn't happen. Now, however, Comma8 asserts that following "a 30 year hiatus, M.U.L.E. has returned." The developer explains:
For those who don`t know, MULE is a ridiculously fun and addictive strategy game that combines real-time and turn-based styles as you battle for land and resources on a newly colonized planet. [...] In the game, four players attempt to colonize a distant planet. They do this by using M.U.L.E.’s (Multiple Use Labour Element) to harvest food, collect energy, and mine minerals.
In order to win, gamers must make their colony successful and amass the greatest wealth. If you can do both, you'll meet with success in M.U.L.E. Returns, Comma8 adds. Here's a list of "key features," as outlined at the developer's website:
  • Fast paced and engaging game play for all ages
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Easy one-handed gameplay
  • HD graphics and smooth animation
  • Faithful reproduction of games rules (for those who remember them!)
  • Leaderboards and Challenges test your skills
The game comes following a number of recent ports and remakes for Apple's mobile OS, including Joe Denver's Lone Wolf, Pandemic, and Smooth Operators!. From what we understand, M.U.L.E. Returns maintains a similar mode of gameplay to the original, combined with refreshed and improved visuals. Here's a trailer for M.U.L.E. Returns:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

We'll let you know once the application launches in the App Store. As mentioned, it's due to arrive on Nov. 25. In the meantime, see: Songkick Concerts 3.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign, In-App Ticket Purchasing And MoreApple Now Providing Phone Support To iBooks Author Publishers In Several Countries, and You Can Now Embark On A DrawQuest On Your iPhone Or iPod touch.

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