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Pebble Cards Brings Customizable Screens To The Popular Smart Watch

One of the first apps to take advantage of Pebble's 2.0 firmware is Pebble Cards, an impressive piece of software that brings customizable cards to the popular smart watch. Pebble 2.0 was announced by the Pebble Team earlier this month, and thanks to the updated software development kit (SDK), developers can work towards producing more advanced, innovative software for the smart watch. Pebble Cards is one such application, and it can be downloaded free of charge right now. Before installing the watch app, however, Pebble users must update their watch's firmware to 2.0 beta. Instructions can be found online, at Pebble's website, and users don't need to pay a fee in order access the software ahead of schedule. All you need is a Pebble account (which is free to create). [caption id="attachment_486834" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Updating to Pebble 2.0.[/caption] Once your Pebble is running 2.0, head over to Pebble Cards' website and download the watch app there. The installation process should take a few minutes, and once complete, users can access Pebble Cards' settings from within the Pebble app itself. Pebble Cards allows users to have information ("cards") display on their smart watch. The watch app's interface provides the time (in digital format) and date, and underneath this standard information more unique, customizable content can be displayed. This can include a custom note, the weather, an RSS feed, your next Google Calendar appointment, stocks, and even a world clock. You can scroll through all of your cards using Pebble's up and down buttons, and the select button refreshes one's current card. Cards can be customized from within the Pebble application, and here users can also sign into their Google account in order for the watch app to access one's calendar. The default RSS feed (CNN) can be changed, as can the default world clock (which is New York) and the preset custom note. [caption id="attachment_486837" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Pebble Cards.[/caption] For more information, head over to Pebble Cards' website. There, you can download the app straight to your Pebble smart watch, or for more information on updating to firmware 2.0 ahead of schedule, take a look at Pebble's website. Below, we've included a handful of pictures taken of Pebble Cards' numerous screens. See also: Art Set Gets New Graphics Engine, Retina Support, iOS 7 Optimization And MoreMattebox Gets Major Overhaul In Latest Update, Adds Redesign And More, and Apple's New iPad mini Suffers From Retina Display Image Retention Problem. [gallery columns="2"]
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