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Pixbits Has Submitted Huge Update For Junk Jack X, Adds Thanksgiving Theme And More

Pixbits Has Submitted Huge Update For Junk Jack X, Adds Thanksgiving Theme And More

November 20, 2013
Pixbits, developer of the popular Junk Jack X, has confirmed that a huge update for the application has been submitted to Apple and should be available to download soon. The update makes a large number of changes to the sandbox game, according to a post published at Pixbits' blog. Main features, however, include a new theme for Thanksgiving, four new in-app purchases, new items, and more furniture combinations than before. Here's a complete list, as outlined by the developer itself:
  • 4 new IAPs
  • added throwable spawner eggs to spawn mobs in creative for fun!
  • pine cones will now spawn on replanted spruce trees
  • rewrote the fruit management algorithm, now it manages spawning fruits on all parts of a multi leaves tree
  • new rare themed equip items
  • new autumnal biome on Terra
  • new rare Cornucopia containing Thanksgiving loots
  • new replantable chestnut tree
  • new replantable pomegranate plant
  • new replantable sunflower
  • new turkey mob
  • new squirrel mob
  • craftable bamboo blowgun to shot fruit seeds
  • a new rare toy: beachball. toss it around and then push it!
  • a new craftable toy: paperplane. throw them!
  • a new category of throwable items, toys. they’re just for fun with friends: throw them and them push them around with your finger!
  • setting the spawn point through beds now works in multiplayer
  • sleeping in beds now works in multiplayer
  • sofas now automatically attach to other sofas
  • a total of 8×5 + 8x7x8x15 = 6760 possible furniture combinations to be built!
  • 15 craftable paints to dye furniture liners
  • 8 sets of liners that can be applied on each different furniture piece
  • 8 sets of furniture made by 12 pieces each
  • new wood widget used to craft advanced furniture
  • woodworker bench: a new addon that took all crafts of carpentry bench
  • carpentry bench is now used to craft advanced furniture
  • a sixth special difficulty mode: hardcore! If you die your player is directly deleted, no way back.
  • 5 difficulty levels: peaceful, easy, normal, hard, very hard
  • 100+ achievements have been implemented!
  • 4 craftable world locks block to prevent clients placing or removing blocks within their range
  • craftable locks to prevent clients from accessing your chests
  • a trade window to do safe trades with people has been implemented
  • 4 new mannequins items can be crafted to display your equip
  • created a dedicated section to multiplayer options
  • added an option that prevents placement and destruction of blocks by clients when hosting
  • added an option to disable user explosions when hosting multiplayer games
  • added an option that prevents clients from opening chests while hosting a world
  • added an option that prevents clients from freeing items from shelves
  • added an option to disable statistics in online games to save bandwidth
Furthermore, an even bigger list of bug fixes and performance enhancements have also been made to the $4.99 app, all of which are outlined and described at Pixbits' blog. As a reminder, Junk Jack X offers iDevice users an "out-of-this-world crafting experience," allowing users to explore and build up a world of their own, to stock it with items, and to do battle with enemies (which include goblins and zombies). It's a fun and addictive application, and will especially be appreciated by fans of the sandbox genre, and by those who enjoyed the prequel app, Junk Jack. Pixbits notes that the update for Junk Jack X should be available to download soon. As mentioned, the application can be downloaded for $4.99, and is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. See also: Readmill Introduces Redesigned Explore Section Featuring Handpicked BooksGoogle Maps SDK For iOS Updated With 64-Bit Support, Marker Opacity And More, and Microsoft Releases Xbox One SmartGlass iOS Companion App For Its Next-Gen Console.

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