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Thai Man Dies After Charging His iPhone 4s Using Counterfeit Charger

Thai Man Dies After Charging His iPhone 4s Using Counterfeit Charger

November 28, 2013
Beware counterfeit iPhone chargers. Because over in Thailand, a 28-year-old iPhone 4s user has reportedly died from electrocution after charging his smartphone using an unauthorized third-party charger. The report comes from Daily News Thailand (and reached us from MacRumors), and explains:
Local police found that the smartphone was still connected to a charger in a nearby power outlet, indicating that the victim had likely been talking on the phone while charging it at the same time. Photographs taken of the charger show a blue model different from the standard white ones that Apple includes with every iPhone, suggesting that it was a cheaply made fake.
Of course, this unfortunately isn't the first time we've heard of iPhone users suffering electrocution as a result of unauthorized iPhone chargers. Back in July, an iPhone 5 user in China died after charging the smartphone using one such third-party charger, and another man fell into a coma after being electrocuted from a handset connected to a similar unauthorized product. Following the two incidents, Apple published an advisory note, warning iDevice users against the threat of unauthorized, third-party chargers:
Apple always puts the user’s safety first, so all of our products are subject to stringent safety and reliability testing, and are designed to meet government safety standards around the world, including the iPhone and iPad USB power adapters. This overview will help you identify genuine Apple USB power adapters. When you need to charge the iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you use the supplied USB power adapter and USB cable. These adapters and cables are also available separately from Apple and Apple Authorized Resellers.
Apple even launched a "Takeback Program," allowing customers in possession of a suspected unauthorized, third-party charger to trade it in and secure an authorized replacement for just $10. It seems, however, that even with such measures in place, suspect chargers and adapters are continuing to thrive overseas. See also: Junk Jack X's Massive Thanksgiving Update Is Something To Be Thankful ForLawsuit Concerning iOS Location Tracking Thrown Out Of San Jose Court, and Apple's Black Friday Deals Could Be Gift Card-Oriented, Rather Than Product Discounts,

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