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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Is Now Available At A Lower Price

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Is Now Available At A Lower Price

November 27, 2013
The popular iOS game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available at a special price through Monday, Dec. 2. The universal game, which launched in June, is now $9.99, or 50 percent off its normal price. Created by 2K Games, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is described as follows:
Threatened by an unknown enemy, Earth’s governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization, known as XCOM. As the commander of XCOM, you must create a fully operational base, research alien technologies, plan combat missions, and lead your soldiers in fierce battles against a terrifying alien invasion. The decisions you make will affect the fate of humanity. You are our last hope.
For more information on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, see our previous reports: Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode Reveals Itself In XCOM: Enemy Unknown For iOS, and Hallelujah: XCOM Finally Receives That Bug-Fixing Update, Plus New Features. To download XCOM: Enemy Unknown, click this link.  

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