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AirServer Gets A Major Update: Now Allows Users To Record Their iDevice's Screen

AirServer Gets A Major Update: Now Allows Users To Record Their iDevice's Screen

December 19, 2013

AirServer has long been one of the best AirPlay receivers for Mac and PC, and now thanks to a major update the application is even better. Though the app has been around for some time, AirServer 5.0 (which launched earlier today) allows iDevice users to record their iDevice's screen while AirPlay Mirroring over to a Mac or PC, and to save photos and videos shared using AirPlay.

For those unfamiliar with the app, AirServer is a clever piece of software that can turn your computer into an AirPlay receiver, adding functionality that Apple officially reserves for its Apple TV and for AirPlay-compatible speakers. Once installed and running, users can stream photos and videos over to an AirServer-equipped Mac or PC, and content in turn can be shared to a HDTV, a projector, or a smart board (the HDMI port built into Apple's newer MacBooks makes this particularly easy).

More useful (for me, at least), is that AirServer also allows users to AirPlay Mirror their iDevice's screen to a computer. The whole process works incredibly well; AirServer can be accessed free for seven days, and subscriptions to the service start at $14.99 (with no expiration).

AirServer 5.0 further improves the application in two main ways. First, when you're AirPlay Mirroring your iDevice's screen to a computer, you can have AirServer record a screencast of what's showing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This can be initiated from the computer itself using a record button, which sits in a pop-up menu that also allows users to alter AirServer's display settings and to configure the screen size.

As outlined in a press release that reached us earlier today:

Developers can stream their apps to their computer screens, and make demos and tutorials. Gamers, can record latest games and battles for replay and assessment. Teachers can record their presentations and app developers can easily create demos and tutorials.

The second change made to AirServer is that users can now save a copy of streamed photos and videos to their computer, which is another useful addition to the app.

For more information on AirServer, including the option of trying the app free of charge, head over to the software's own website.

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