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First Mac Pro Orders Now Shipping From Apple, Reaching Customers Dec. 30

First Mac Pro Orders Now Shipping From Apple, Reaching Customers Dec. 30

December 24, 2013

The first Mac Pro orders, placed back when the product became available to purchase on Dec. 19, have shipped and are scheduled to reach customers for their original anticipated delivery date of Dec. 30.

MacRumors shares the news, explaining that countless readers are now seeing their Mac Pro orders labeled as “Shipped” in the Apple Online Store. Confirmed delivery estimates are Dec. 30, though new orders for the Mac Pro are expected to reach customers in “February,” Apple notes online.

It seems either that demand for the Mac Pro was greater than expected, or that Apple’s supplies were limited, because this refreshed delivery estimate appeared in the Apple Online Store just a few hours after the product first went on sale.

There are two preconfigured Mac Pros on offer from Apple - one for $2,999.00 and another for $3,999.00 - and customers can upgrade the computer with improved hardware. CPU, graphics, RAM, and flash storage can all be upgraded; Apple’s Thunderbolt Display and a Sharp-made 4K display (which retails for $3,595) are also advertised.

Fully-loaded Mac Pros will set customers back $9,599.00 in the Apple Online Store, and adding a 4K display beefs this price up even further.

The new Mac Pro carries an “Assembled in the USA” label, too. For more information on the computer, head over to the Apple Online Store. If your Mac Pro order is on its way, let us know.

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