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Lionheart Tactics Promises To Offer A High Fantasy, Free-To-Play 3-D RPG For iOS

Lionheart Tactics Promises To Offer A High Fantasy, Free-To-Play 3-D RPG For iOS

December 22, 2013

The folks at Emerald City Games have partnered up with Kongregate to bring a new title, Lionheart Tactics, to the App Store. Though the application isn’t available yet, it’s set to appear in 2014; in a recent YouTube trailer announcing the game, the developer provides iDevice users with an idea of what can be expected from the title.

Emerald City Games explains: “Set in a realm of High Fantasy, Lionheart tasks you with leading your choice of Heroes from 15+ classes into tactical battles. In turn-based combat, you’ll have to put your wits to the test and take advantage of the terrain, and your enemy’s weaknesses to turn the tide … but not all battles are so easily won.” Countless enemies lie in your path, and it’s up to iDevice gamers to vanquish them in order to progress through the app.

Lionheart Tactics is set to reach both mobile devices (Apple’s iOS included) and the Web in early 2014, and it promises a free-to-play role-playing game that’s playable in full 3-D. Emerald City Games outlines a list of features, which include:

  • Over 15 playable classes - from the fearsome Barghest Warrior to the elegant Rose Elf Archer.
  • Challenge the World to earn Shields and advance from lowly Iron to mighty Dragonglass league.
  • Fight from the frozen North, to the hills of Midland with over 60 unique battlefields.
  • Strategic turn-based battles, with beautifully animated characters… in full 3d!
  • Train Heroes in skills, and unlock their ultimate Limit Breaks to turn the tide of battle.
  • Promote Heroes from Recruit to Legendary, with each rank getting visibly stronger.
  • Equip Heroes with gear you choose from over 300 upgradeable options.
  • Battle across the world in a massive single-player campaign of 175+ battles.

The app certainly looks impressive, and we’re excited for its release. As mentioned, Emerald City Games notes that Lionheart Tactics should reach the App Store in “early 2014,” and we’ll let you know once it’s available to download.

Below, we’ve included the app’s new YouTube trailer:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

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