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More Information On The iOS 7 Public Jailbreak Surfaces Online

More Information On The iOS 7 Public Jailbreak Surfaces Online

December 16, 2013

It's been all quiet on the jailbreak front these past few months: a growing number have purchased either a next-generation iPhone or iPad, and even more have updated to iOS 7. Both actions lock users out of jailbreaking their iDevices, however according to members of the “evad3rs” team, a public jailbreak for iOS 7 is still in the pipeline.

Back in September, we heard from one member of the elite iOS hacker-team evad3rs that an iOS 7-compatible jailbreak solution was so far looking good, and soon after, it was claimed that the team may have found the final piece in the iOS 7 jailbreak puzzle. This prompted a number of reports to note that a final release could occur in the immediate future; meanwhile, members of evad3rs told the public that Apple's minor point updates for iOS 7 were safe to download and install.

Then, an obscure report surfaced last week claiming that a person close to evad3rs had actually stolen the iOS 7 jailbreak, and sold it soon after to a private buyer.

Information that reached us from iDownloadBlog, however, indicates that this isn't the case. In fact, speaking with International Design Times before the weekend, evad3rs team member @pod2g confirmed that the rumor was entirely untrue.

International Business Times explains:

“I did contact Evad3rs team member Cyril Cattiaux, aka @Pod2g, to have the report verified. When I told him about the rumor of a stolen jailbreak roaming about social media, @pod2g was quick to laugh and say, “That’s complete bullsh–.”

As to the status of the team’s work, he added, “the jailbreak stuff is moving on, but slowly.” So, basically, no. There has been no jailbreak stolen from the Evad3rs and sold.”

No prospective release date, however, has been announced or even hinted at; as such, it looks like jailbreak fans have a while longer to wait until they're able to jailbreak their iDevice under iOS 7.

Did you abandon your jailbreak for the bright lights of iOS 7 earlier this year, and if so, are you even missing Cydia?

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