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This iPhone UI Stencil Kit Could Help Designers Think Up The App Store's Next No. 1 App

This iPhone UI Stencil Kit Could Help Designers Think Up The App Store's Next No. 1 App

December 15, 2013

Developing a new iPhone app? Consider picking up this impressive iPhone stencil kit, which allows iOS developers to more easily create and imagine an iOS user interface using physical, actual drawings. Plus, for a limited time only the kit can be purchased for just $25.

You can pick up the stencil kit over at Mighty Deals, and there's also a website stencil kit on offer too, for budding Web designers (both are priced at $25). The website explains:

The UI Stencils iPhone Stencil Kit gives you everything you'll need to draw up your own iOS7 iPhone prototypes. Well, everything except the hands, that is. The Website Stencil Kit is the perfect tool to wireframe quickly and efficiently with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques when designing a website.

Both stencils, the iPhone Stencil Kit and the Website Stencil Kit, are made from “high-quality stainless steel,” and each features all the icons (both iOS- and Web-centric) that you'd expect to encounter while in an iOS app, or while surfing the World Wide Web.

Here's a selection of the products' key features:

  • Easily Sketch Out Your iPhone UI or Website
  • With the iPhone and Website Stencil Kits, you can easily sketch out a quick illustrated mockup for your iPhone UI prototype or website. No need to load up any software or gather screenshots. Instead, just grab a pencil and start sketching!
  • Stainless Steel Stencil
  • Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you one high-quality, stainless steel stencil. Solid and reliable, you won't have to worry about this stencil breaking on you.
  • Precision Cut
  • With a precision cut, your iPhone and Website Stencil Kits are perfect for sketching out your next UI prototype. Icons and objects are cut perfectly and at perfect size to let your sketch be as close to the real thing as possible.
  • Zebra Mechanical Pencil
  • Don't you hate buying an electronic item and it doesn't come with any batteries? Well, we sure do. That's why the iPhone and Website Stencil Kits also include a Zebra mechanical pencil! This high-quality, professional writing instrument lets you dive right into your work!
  • Plastic Protector
  • While it'd be tough to break your stainless steel stencil, you can get it scratched or even dirty. That's why the Kits also includes a Plastic Protector to keep your stencil safe and sound.
  • Stickers and Downloadable Templates
  • Additionally, your purchase includes a downloadable .PDF letter or A4-sized printable template to help sketch out even more prototypes. You'll also get 2 UI Stencil stickers to aid you in your design process.
  • iPhone iOS7 Specifications
  • The iPhone Stencil Kit is based on Apple's iPhone iOS7 specifications. Mock up prototypes based on one of the most popular smartphone operating systems around!

Below, we've included a series of images of the stencils. As mentioned, both can be purchased online from Mighty Deals for $25 each as part of a limited-time offer that'll be available for two more days. If you've been struggling to find a holiday gift for the iOS developer in the family, the iPhone Stencil Kit could be it.

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Via: 9to5mac

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