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Use Your Favorite Locations To Trigger Your Favorite IFTTT Recipes With LIFTTT

Use Your Favorite Locations To Trigger Your Favorite IFTTT Recipes With LIFTTT

December 11, 2013
Need a LIFTTT? You probably do if you've been wishing to use location-based triggers with the popular conditional action automation service IFTTT. Short for "location plus IFTTT (which is short for 'If This, Then That')," LIFTTT is a cleverly named, newly released app that lets you associate your favorite places with specific IFTTT recipes. You can, for example, use LIFTTT to automatically tweet for you when you arrive or leave work, create an Evernote log of your arrival and departure times, or toggle your Belkin WeMo when you leave or arrive home. LIFTTT works mainly by sending emails to activate recipes triggered by geofencing locations. In line with this basic operation, the app requires that you connect the Gmail account associated with your IFTTT account. With LIFTT, you can:
  • Add Location triggers by dropping a pin on the map, or starting from your current location
  • Customize your Location Trigger via an incredible amount of settings including entering or leaving a location, the times of day, or even days of the week
  • Add a trigger delay on a per Location Trigger basis in order to prevent drive by triggers from occurring
  • Customize your own time interval between triggers to avoid repeated triggers on the same place
  • Quickly turn ON / OFF your Location Trigger's from the home screen
Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later, LIFTTT is available now in the App Store for free, initially with support for setting up one location trigger only. A $2.99 in-app purchase is offered for unlocking support for unlimited location triggers as well as for removing ads. LIFTTT is created by Visual Candy Systems, the same developer behind the Foursquare auto-posting app Uber Checkin. Uber Checkin was used by none other than Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley during the Boston Marathon last April.

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