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Add An iOS 7-Style Lock Screen To Your Mac Using This OS X Screensaver

Add An iOS 7-Style Lock Screen To Your Mac Using This OS X Screensaver

January 15, 2014

Are you a fan of the iOS 7 Lock screen? If so, consider downloading a brand new OS X screensaver, which promises to offer an iOS 7 Lock screen experience for Mac users.

Developed by Christian Heudens, the new screensaver can be downloaded free of charge, and it’s optimized for Mac computers including Retina display-equipped models. In fact, as you’d expect, Heudens’ iOS 7 Lock screen screensaver actually looks best on MacBook Pro with Retina display notebooks.

After downloading the free screensaver file, all users need to do is drag the file over to the screensaver folder in OS X and then select and activate it using the System Preferences app. By default, the iOS 7 Lock screen screensaver will add the “clouds and stars” wallpaper that Apple often uses in its promotional materials for the iPhone and iPad.

However, Mac users also have the option of choosing a different image for their OS X Lock screen screensaver, and you can also adjust the clock size and the screensaver’s built-in zoom effect.

Given that Apple is in the process of creating a more iOS-inspired OS X (a trajectory that’s set to continue with this year’s OS X 10.10), this OS X Lock screen screensaver could be a glimpse at the future look of our Macs.

You can download the OS X Lock screen screensaver online, free of charge. How do you like the screensaver?

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