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Concept Shows How An iOS 7-Inspired OS X Update Could Look

Concept Shows How An iOS 7-Inspired OS X Update Could Look

December 13, 2013

Apple's iOS 7 brought the most radical design change to its mobile OS that we've yet seen, and since a growing number of users have been wondering if OS X - Apple's desktop operating system, which has taken an increasing level of influence from iOS in recent years - could follow suit with a similar redesign. One new concept investigates how an iOS 7-inspired OS X could look, and the results are promising.

Put together by Andrew Ambrosino, the concept features what its creator calls “some good flatness, translucent blurs, and overall streamlining” - in essence, all of the design alterations that brought iOS 7 into existence. If you've been wondering what Jony Ive pictures when he imagines OS X 10.11, this could be it.

Take a look:

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How do you like the concept?

As a reminder, Apple launched OS X Mavericks as a free update in the Mac App Store back in October, and the new desktop OS brought a number of iOS features to our Macs. In particular, an iBooks app, a Maps app, and push notifications for Safari meant there was a certain “iOS feel” to OS X Mavericks.

It seems Mac users are pleased with the new OS, too - or at least, they've been willing to try it out. Because adoption for OS X Mavericks has been the highest to date, though pricing and the convenience of Mavericks' installation process clearly have something to do with this.

In the next few months, we're expecting an update for OS X Mavericks to launch, improving the performance of the desktop OS and making a number of enhancements to the Mail app. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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Via: Cult of Mac

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