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Adobe Lightroom Should Be Making Its Way To The iPad Soon

Adobe Lightroom Should Be Making Its Way To The iPad Soon

January 17, 2014
Professional photo editors rejoice. According to 9to5Mac, references to Adobe Lightroom for the iPad briefly appeared on the company’s site earlier this week before being removed. In addition to whatever the app will cost, the report says there will also be a $99 per year subscription fee to store images in the cloud:
The benefit of the $99 service will be that users will not need to store several hundred megabytes or gigabytes of high-resolution photography on the iPad. They can just store it in the cloud or synchronize from their Mac. These photos will still be able to be edited and managed on the iPad, and changes will be synchronized back. Yes, it’s very much like an “iCloud” for Lightroom.
A big feature of Lightroom is the ability to edit RAW files directly from digital cameras, and 9to5Mac said to expect that the iPad version of the program will be very similar to what is seen on the Mac and pictured PC version. So while Adobe has yet to announce anything official, Lightroom should be making a jump to the App Store soon. For other app news and reviews today, see: Can You Dive And Outswim The Shark? Find Out In Small Fry, Why The New Beats Music Service Just Might Succeed, and Boomshakalaka! Can You Become The Most Valuable Endless Runner In NBA Rush?

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