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Cydia Gets Updated Substrate Safe Mode For iOS 7, ARM64-iDevices

Cydia Gets Updated Substrate Safe Mode For iOS 7, ARM64-iDevices

January 16, 2014

Jay Freeman (@saurik) has made another important change to his Cydia Store application, updating Substrate Safe Mode for both iOS 7 and Apple’s ARM64-iDevices (the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display).

The news comes following the previous release of Cydia Substrate for Apple’s A7 processor, which brought Cydia compatibility for 64-bit iDevices. Since, countless jailbreak tweaks designed especially for Apple’s newer products (and particularly the iPhone 5s) have reached the Cydia Store, and now, the process of maintaining a jailbroken iDevice has just become a lot safer.

This is because Substrate Safe Mode has been brought in line with iOS 7 and ARM64-iDevices. In essence, Cydia’s “Safe Mode” allows users to jump in and uninstall potentially harmful jailbreak applications and tweaks before their iDevice falls into a problematic crash cycle.

Moreover, it saves users from having to initiate a full restore on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if a problem is encountered. In the package’s release notes, Freeman explains:

Safe mode is a feature of MobileSubstrate that prevents your device from entering a permanent crash cycle by giving you a chance to uninstall malfunctioning extensions without a complete device restore.

You’ll find Substrate Safe Mode for iOS 7 and ARM64 over in the “Changes” section of your iDevice’s Cydia app. Simply install the package, sit back, and rest assured that your jailbroken iDevice is now safer and more secure than before.

At the same time, you could also install a couple of the Cydia Store’s most impressive recent additions on your iDevice. These include SwipeSelection and SwipeSelection Pro, Gridlock 2.0, Touchy, and WinterBoard.

Do you have a favorite jailbreak app or tweak for iOS 7?

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