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Cydia Tweak: BioLockdown Offers Jailbreakers More Advanced Touch ID Protection

Cydia Tweak: BioLockdown Offers Jailbreakers More Advanced Touch ID Protection

January 5, 2014

Two jailbreak tweaks already utilize Apple’s Touch ID in order to provide iPhone 5s users with advanced levels of security, and now a third package - BioLockdown - has joined this selection. Developed by the esteemed Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich), BioLockdown allows users to protect not only iOS apps, but also switches and Settings panes, according to its release notes.

Both BioProtect and AppLocker for iOS 7 already allow jailbroken iPhone 5s users to have Touch ID protect individual iOS apps and folders. The former features a more attractive user interface and can be downloaded for $2.99, while the latter jailbreak tweak features more advanced functionality (yet isn’t so aesthetically appealing) and is available for just $0.99.

Petrich’s BioLockdown, however, carries a $1.99 price tag and appears to offer the best of both tweaks.

Because besides featuring a nice Touch ID pop-up interface, BioLockdown also allows users to protect not just iOS applications, but also switches and Settings app panes.

This means that users of Petrich’s jailbreak tweak could Touch ID protect the Messages app, Airplane Mode, or the “General” section of the built-in Settings application; you can easily add or remove restrictions from within the Settings app (BioLockdown itself adds a new pane), and here, the jailbreak tweak can also be enabled or disabled.

As such, if you’ve been hovering between purchasing BioProtect or AppLocker for iOS 7, our advice is this: buy BioLockdown, instead.

You can download the jailbreak tweak for $1.99 in the Cydia Store, and of course, BioLockdown is optimized for the iPhone 5s only (due to its reliance on the handset’s Touch ID sensor).

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