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Cydia Tweak: HueHueHue Brings A Clever Philips Hue Toggle System To iOS 7

Cydia Tweak: HueHueHue Brings A Clever Philips Hue Toggle System To iOS 7

January 21, 2014

Got a set of Philips Hue lightbulbs? Then consider downloading HueHueHue, a clever jailbreak tweak that allows iDevice users to control the automated light system with a user-defined toggle. You can pick up HueHueHue from the Cydia Store for $0.99; it’s optimized for iOS 7, and obviously requires its user to own a set of Hue bulbs.

Once you’ve got the tweak installed on your iDevice, HueHueHue makes a number of changes to Apple’s iOS. First, it adds three new actions to Ryan Petrich’s (@rpetrich) must-have jailbreak application, Activator. The new actions are: “Toggle Lights On/Off,” “Turn Lights On,” and “Turn Lights Off.” Plus, besides this, HueHueHue also comes with its own FlipSwitch toggle, too.

This makes it possible for users to toggle their Hue lights on or off using a predefined Activator action. For example, you could have your lights switch on with a swipe from the left to the right of your iPhone’s screen, or following a triple-press of the Home button. Activator comes with a bunch of predefined actions for users to take advantage of, and as such Philips Hue integration for this particular jailbreak app is a great feature.

However, that’s not all. Besides this, HueHueHue also adds a new preferences pane to the Settings app, and here more advanced options can be configured.

As iDownloadBlog explains, HueHueHue’s preferences pane allows iDevice users to select which individual lights are toggled by the jailbreak tweak, and to adjust aspects such as brightness and temperature (color). Plus, as the website explains, setting HueHueHue up with one’s Philips Hue lightbulbs is a simple, easy process:

The first time you attempt to activate your lights, you’ll receive a pop-up message telling you how to connect to the bridge. It basically involves pressing the button on the bridge, and then pressing the link button on the pop-up box. In other words, it’s extremely easy and straightforward; you’ll be ready to go in a flash.

Though fun tweaks and jailbreak themes are great, it’s packages such as this which can really encourage iDevice users to take the plunge and jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. HueHueHue looks to be a must-have jailbreak tweak for Philips Hue owners, and its low price means expanding on Hue’s functionality is made particularly affordable.

If you have a set of Philips Hue lightbulbs, HueHueHue can be downloaded in the Cydia Store for $0.99.

One other “reason to jailbreak” tweak which appeared in the Cydia Store recently is Controllers for All. As a reminder, this package allows iDevice users to set a PS3 DualShock 3 controller up as an iOS gamepad with their iOS 7-powered iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, eradicating the need for an expensive, $99 accessory such as Logitech’s PowerShell. Controllers for All can be downloaded in the Cydia Store for $1.99, or for more information, check out our original article.

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