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Cydia Tweak: iTouchSecure Can Help Jailbreakers Realize Touch ID's Full Potential

Cydia Tweak: iTouchSecure Can Help Jailbreakers Realize Touch ID's Full Potential

January 11, 2014

Touch ID has come on leaps and bounds following the release of a jailbreak solution for iOS 7, and we’ve seen a couple of tweaks which allow iPhone 5s users to protect individual iOS apps using the fingerprint scanner. One new jailbreak tweak, however, allows users to enter App Store, iOS app, and Safari Web passwords using Touch ID, and it’s available to download now.

Called iTouchSecure, the jailbreak tweak is available for $4.99 and it’s optimized for the iPhone 5s only. Developer Christian told AppAdvice in an email that iTouchSecure first auto-stores passwords entered into iOS applications within a secure, built-in “encrypted keychain.” After passwords have been manually inputted once, though, users can then easily re-input passwords and passcodes using their Touch ID-equipped Home button.

The developer explained:

Once you key in your password it will be securely stored in the encrypted keychain where Apple stores your other passwords as well. From then on each time you click that same password text entry again it will show in green and as soon as you touch your home button with an authorized finger the password will be autofilled and even the “OK” button will be pressed for you. It also recognizes different login names.

You can enable and disable the jailbreak tweak in the built-in Settings app, and after our initial round of testing, we can confirm that iTouchSecure indeed works as advertised. With the jailbreak tweak installed, inputting common passwords is of course made much easier.

Developer Christian is in the process of further improving iTouchSecure, and as of this writing there are some incompatibilities with other jailbreak tweaks, and with certain Web pages and iOS apps. But given that Christian is also the developer of iRealSMS (a popular and oft-updated jailbreak app), we’re certain iTouchSecure is indeed set to further improve in the near future.

Here’s a video of the jailbreak tweak in action:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

How do you like the look of iTouchSecure?

For more Touch ID-compatible jailbreak tweaks, be sure to take a look at Virtual Home, AppLocker, BioProtect, and BioLockdown.

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