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Cydia Tweak: OS X-ify Your iPhone's Battery Icon With MacBattery For iOS

Cydia Tweak: OS X-ify Your iPhone's Battery Icon With MacBattery For iOS

January 28, 2014

MacBattery is a super simple jailbreak tweak that alters Apple’s iOS in one minor (but nevertheless pleasing) way. Once installed, jailbreakers can have their iPhone display an OS X-inspired battery icon, rather than the new, more minimalistic icon added in Apple’s iOS 7.

You can pick up MacBattery free of charge from the Cydia Store, and it’s available to download from the ModMyi repository. In order for MacBattery to work on your iDevice, you’ll need to have installed Alkaline (if you haven’t already, MacBattery will install it for you when you download the jailbreak tweak), and navigating over to Alkaline’s Settings app preferences pane allows users to enable or disable the OS X battery life icon.

MacBattery appears as one of several themes available in Alkaline, and activating any one of these requires a simple respring. You can’t disable Alkaline outright from the Settings app, and so reverting back to the old iOS 7 battery life icon will require users to uninstall the jailbreak tweak using the Cydia app. But since both Alkaline and MacBattery are available free of charge, there’s no reason why jailbreakers can’t take each for a trial run.

If you’re looking to more radically alter the appearance of iOS 7, however, Springtomize 3 can help. This jailbreak tweak provides users with a comprehensive level of customization options, and it’s available to download for $2.99. As our recent article explained:

But what options does Springtomize 3 add? Well, for a start, users can alter how iOS app icons appear on their Home screen: you can change the app spacing, enable or disable animations, and add five applications to the iPhone’s dock. You can even hide the dock outright, if you like, or hide app labels, configure folders, and add or remove details to or from the Lock screen.

Options are definitely aplenty in Springtomize 3, and aspects available to customize include: Animations, App Slide, Control Center, Dock, Folders, Icons, Lock Screen, Pages, and Status Bar.

MacBattery, on the other hand, is less complex but can be downloaded and installed free of charge.

Do you have an iOS customization jailbreak tweak installed on your iPhone or iPad?

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