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Cydia Tweak: SubtleLock Can Give Your iOS 7 Lock Screen A More Elegant Look

Cydia Tweak: SubtleLock Can Give Your iOS 7 Lock Screen A More Elegant Look

January 24, 2014

Apple might have slimmed down its mobile OS in iOS 7, but if the resulting effect isn't minimalistic enough for you one new jailbreak tweak can help. Called SubtleLock (iOS 7), it's an updated - but separate - iteration of its iOS 6 counterpart, SubtleLock (iOS 6), and as its name suggests this most recent jailbreak tweak can give the iOS 7 Lock screen a minimalistic new look.

Once you've got the $1 SubtleLock up and running, you'll notice that a new Lock screen interface has been added to your iDevice, and this can be configured from within a dedicated preferences pane in the Settings app. Here, users can alter how the jailbreak tweak affects their iPhone, and options for the clock, slider, and general appearance are available.

First up, in the “Clock” section of SubtleLock, users can choose whether to have a clock appear at all on their iDevice's Lock screen, and it's also possible to toggle whether a seconds counter is displayed. Next, further down the preferences pane, users can enable or disable the Lock screen slider, too, and more general aspects - such as Notification Center and Control Center - can also be enabled or disabled.

Besides hiding the Notification Center and Control Center “grabbers,” users can hide the Camera app icon from their Lock screen, and label colors can also be altered.

Best of all, switching these options on and off doesn't require a tedious respring; instead, you can enable or disable the numerous options available in SubtleLock (iOS 7) without having to reboot your iDevice's springboard, which is great to see.

If you're looking to outright banish various user interface (UI) elements from iOS 7 at large, however, a different jailbreak tweak, HideMe7, could be of interest. We first told you about HideMe7 yesterday, and explained how the jailbreak tweak provides iDevice users with a similar selection of toggles for aspects such as the iOS 7 battery life icon, its notification badges, Notification Center, and Control Center.

Our article concluded:

If you’re not enjoying the iOS 7 experience, it could be HideMe7 is worth the $0.99 investment. No other package out there provides this kind of OS user customization, and there’s no better way of hand picking the new iOS 7 features you love while disabling those which aren’t so pleasing.

If your qualms concern the Lock screen alone, though, and you're looking to add a new design to this aspect of your iDevice, then SubtleLock (iOS 7) could be a better choice.

SubtleLock (iOS 7) can be downloaded for $1 in the Cydia Store, and an iOS 6 version is also available.

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Image credit: iDownloadBlog

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