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Dispatch Updated To Deliver More Advanced Action-Based Email Management

Dispatch Updated To Deliver More Advanced Action-Based Email Management

January 24, 2014

Dispatch: Action-Based Email has received a useful update making a number of changes to the popular email automation iOS app. Now, users can rename and reorder individual email accounts from the application, and a number of options make navigating through the $4.99 app easier than ever.

If you’re not familiar with Dispatch, the iOS app is one of several applications that bring a degree of automation to our iDevices. Out of this selection, the powerful Editorial (and the original Pythonista) are a couple of my favorites, and both Drafts and IFTTT, perhaps working in conjunction with Hazel for Mac, can help users automate wide-ranging aspects of their personal and professional lives. But even though a couple of the above services have the power to tackle email, too, it seemed as if no all-in-one solution was available until Dispatch launched.

This is because Dispatch offers iDevice users an email management application that supports snippets, and can link up with a large selection of third-party applications to help users get a proper hold on their inbox.

For example, if you find yourself writing out the same message day in, day out, Dispatch lets users take a shortcut in this respect through creating a snippet. Much like Editorial’s snippet feature, this allows users to input large quantities of template-like text with the touch of a single button.

Also impressive is Dispatch’s “Action” button, which allows users to send email over to a selection of apps including Safari, Maps, Calendar, Reminders, Chrome, 1Password, Google Maps, Instapaper, OmniFocus, Things, Asana, Drafts, and Evernote. As our original review of Dispatch explained:

Wait, an Action button? That’s right kiddos - this is Dispatch: Action-Based Email, after all. So what does this button do? This button has Dispatch talk to 14 different apps (hopefully more in the future) for quarantining messages to become reminders, todos, notes, and whatever else you may need.

You could have Dispatch create a new Calendar app entry out of an email you’ve received, or instead, like me, you could route important emails to a specified folder on your Mac using a combination of Drafts, Dropbox, and Hazel, which can then auto-file the email accordingly.

Now, however, Dispatch: Action-Based Email has further improved thanks to an update making several changes to the application. Besides allowing users to name and reorder email accounts, Dispatch’s most recent update tweaks how users navigate through the app, and also allows iDevice users to create reminders without having to tap on a date or time link.

Plus, a number of bug fixes have also been applied as of this most recent update. Developer Clean Shaven Apps explains in Dispatch’s release notes:

  • Adds ability to name email accounts
  • Adds ability to reorder email accounts
  • Adds option to return to inbox after archiving/deleting/marking as spam/moving
  • Adds option to disable loading of remote images
  • Allows creation of calendar events & reminders from emails without tapping on a date/time link
  • Asana tasks created without a project and assignee is automatically assigned to the creator
  • Fixes bug where TextExpander might be turned off randomly
  • Fixes SMTP login problems with some users

As such, there’s no better time to ditch the built-in Mail app and take Dispatch for a spin.

Dispatch: Action-Based Email can be downloaded in the App Store for $4.99, and it’s optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch only.

Check out the updated application now, or for more of our recent news, see: Happy Birthday, Mac: Apple Celebrates With “Thirty Years Of Innovation” Video, Netatmo Weather Station Gets Even Smarter Thanks To New IFTTT Channel, and Stumble Upon Interesting Content To Watch With The New 5by Video Concierge App.

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