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First Screenshots Of Block Fortress War Surface Online, Set For Release This Month

First Screenshots Of Block Fortress War Surface Online, Set For Release This Month

January 9, 2014

Foursaken Media has been working hard at bringing a sequel to the popular Block Fortress, called Block Fortress War, to the App Store. Now, the first screenshots taken from the forthcoming iOS app have surfaced online ahead of the game’s anticipated release later this month.

TouchArcade shared the images in a recent article, and explained how the updated game is going to work. There are a number of departures from the original, the publication notes, but also a number of similarities, too:

In Block Fortress War, you’ll choose one of four different races and create an army, overtaking key points on the map with the eventual goal of destroying your opponent’s base. Unlike the original Block Fortress, there won’t be any first-person action in this game, rather you’ll battle from an overhead view similar to a MOBA or RTS.

Little else concerning the game has been announced, though, besides the below screenshots from the app (all of which look great, and have us feeling excited for Block Fortress War’s release!).

The original app, Block Fortress, first launched in the App Store back in March 2013, and soon after the “Minecraft meets tower defense” game received updates adding co-op multiplayer and local multiplayer. It’s definitely a fun game, and iDevice users can download the universal app for $1.99.

We’ll let you know once the sequel, Block Fortress War, is available to download in the App Store.

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