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LittleBit Helps You Create New Habits This New Year, 1 Bit At A Time

Want to create new habits this new year? Do it one bit at a time with LittleBit. LittleBit is a recently released goal-setting app that encourages you to complete small and simple tasks to ultimately make a bigger and better you:
LittleBit helps you do ONE thing consistently until it's a habit. That’s it. Most people try to change too much at once. They soon get overwhelmed and give up. By choosing one thing and doing a little bit each day, you will find that it's easy to create whatever habit you want!
To use the app, you have to specify a small task you want to do every day, e.g. go for a walk, read a book, or eat a fruit. You can then set a reminder for your daily habit (with an interface that's reminiscent of Rise Alarm Clock's). If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Every time you complete your daily habit, you get to gain a "Bit" and capture the moment with a photo. If you miss a day, that's OK. But if you miss two days in a row, you lose a Bit of progress. Once you accumulate 21 Bits, your habit is considered formed and a photo reel of your progress is unlocked for you to save or share. You can then continue with the habit or form a new one in LittleBit. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.1 or later, LittleBit is available now in the App Store. Normally priced at $2.99, the app is on sale during the first week of the new year at $1.99. For more apps like LittleBit, check out AppAdvice's Best Goal-Setting Apps AppGuide. See also: This Week, Start The New Year Right And Be More Productive With This Reminders App, Want To Create A New You For The New Year? Make A Healthy Pact With GymPact 3.0, and Kick Off Your Project 365 This New Year With The Newly Updated Photo 365 App. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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