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Los Angeles Unified School District Will Expand Its iPad Program To More Campuses

Los Angeles Unified School District Will Expand Its iPad Program To More Campuses

January 15, 2014
The Los Angeles Unified School District is continuing to place its technology future with Apple's iPad. According to the Los Angeles Times, the second largest school district in the nation has agreed to spend $115 million to distribute tablets to 38 more campuses. In total, the district could be purchasing somewhere around 30,000 iPads. The district’s cost per iPad is $768, but that also includes the curriculum in the cost. Upgrading the network capabilities of the schools is also part of the plan. Members of the district's board want to move quickly on continuing the rollout:
"The whole point of this program is to revolutionize instruction," Garcia said. Low-income students don't get access "to what is a part of all our worlds today.... I don't understand how cutting back what's good is good for kids."
As part of the agreement, Apple will also provide its most recent generation of tablets instead of a discontinued model. So it looks the students will be receiving the iPad Air. The district began the rollout last summer, purchasing $30 million of tablets to distribute at 47 campuses during the fall. But that effort became quickly bogged down after students, not surprisingly, quickly defeated the district’s Internet security filter. For other news today, see: Fantastic App Cobook Acquired By Rival FullContact, Apple Expands 3-D Flyover Coverage In Maps To Include Cape Town And More, and DisplaySearch Hypes Apple's 'iPhone 6,' 'iPad Pro' And 'iWatch'.

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