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Fantastic App Cobook Acquired By Rival FullContact

Interesting news for fans of the spectacular third-party contact app Cobook. The team and technology behind the app is being acquired by another contact management company – FullContact. In a release, FullContact announced that Cobook’s development team will be moving from Latvia to the company’s Colorado office. Cobook founder Kaspars Dancis discussed the acquisition on a blog post:
When we founded Cobook almost three years ago, we had one mission - Make contact management actually enjoyable. We think we’ve done a pretty good job of that, and the millions of you who have downloaded and used our apps have made it possible. As we’ve grown, we’ve wanted to take on bigger challenges, and today we’re proud to announce that Cobook is joining the FullContact team in order to expand the platform and solve even bigger problems. What does it mean for you? In the immediate future, you won’t notice any changes. The Cobook applications will remain the same as we work on integrating with FullContact’s wealth of features. We love our customers, and we are always looking for the ways that we can improve your experience.
The Cobook name, along with the iOS and Mac apps, will remain unchanged for now. Originally released in late 2011, Cobook brought an interesting new take to the usually drab address book. Along with being able to import contacts from the iOS address book, Cobook users can also bring in their social media friends from networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Throughout 2013, the app received a number of nice updates. Version 2.0 brought the Livercard feature that let users to share digital business cards with others. An update to version 3.0 in late July ushered in an iOS 7-compatbile design and a number of different gestures. And in September, the app went universal with support for both the iPad/iPad mini. You can download Cobook in the App Store now for free. For other app news and reviews, see: Google To Update Chrome For iOS Devices With Data Compression, Your Normal Reading Speed Is About To Be Outdone With Outread, and NetSnips 3.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign, Launch Center Pro Support And More.
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